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CONTIMADE containers

CONTIMADE containers and prefabricated buldings

  • simple mobile construction containers
  • Transpack – containers are sent disassembled (in a package)
  • containers of atypical measures and with specific equipment according to the customer’s wishes
  • prefabricated container structures of one or more floors serve as schools, banks, residential or administrative buildings, shops, gatehouses, community centres and for many other purposes

Individual containers can be put next to or on top of each other. The basic construction elements of container sets are residential containers of standard or atypical measures. Buildings created from the CONTIMADE container bulding system can have standard size up to three floors.

Containers as fitting in and extension of current structures

CONTIMADE containers can be used not only for individual buildings, but also for fitted-in structures (e.g. in halls) and for extensions of current buildings. The façade of the containers can be standard from the lacquered galvanized trapezial plate, but also from lacquered smooth sheet metal panels, thin plaster, wooden panelling or other materials. In most cases, the façade of the extension can be very successfully adapted to the façade of the original building, so that they give an integrated impression.

Layout – possibilities of CONTIMADE prefabricated buildings

Variable layout solution of container buildings can be created by leaving out side walls and adding inside walls. CONTIMADE containers enable a wide range of combinations and layout varieties. The roof of the container can also have a slight lapse, as a part of each container or as a separate construction for bigger sets. Multi-storey container sets can be fitted with straight or circular, indoor or outdoor staircase.

We will match the specifications of our modules to your needs. (size, number of windows and doors, inside equipment, layout, adaptation to climatic conditions, floor and roof carrying capacity, etc.). All materials we use as well as our products undergo demanding tests that prove their environment-friendly nature. We take into account ecological aspects to the maximum and adhere to them in all production processes.

  • CONTIMADE containers require considerably simpler foundations than typical constructions; often, mere concrete footing is enough
  • due to the maximal completion of containers in the production plant, the construction deadlines are very short and work can be successfully carried out also in winter months
  • short deadlines of the construction also minimize the damage to the environment and other damages that are created in typical construction sites as the result of the use of heavy machinery
  • in constructing the containers we make sure to minimize the disruption of landscape in the neighbourhood of the new building
  • CONTIMADE container sets are made up to 85% directly in our assembly halls, therefore there is minimum waste on the construction site
  • the construction waste created during the assembly is immediately stored in the prepared waste container
  • CONTIMADE containers are ecologically safe and harmless to health, as they are made purely out of materials certified by appropriate testing centres, declaring their safety
  • most of the used materials can be recycled

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Containers CONTIMADE

Containers CONTIMADE

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Accomodation containers as kindergarten

Accomodation containers as kindergartenn

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